Minotaur Rising: Ancient Fortunes

Embark on a legendary journey alongside the Minotaur himself as you delve into the realm of Ancient Fortunes. Prepare for an odyssey filled with excitement and riches beyond measure. Ancient Fortunes Minotaur Rising invites you to chase after monumental treasures with its groundbreaking features.

Ascend through five tiers of jackpots, each scaled to your bet size, promising escalating rewards with every step. Feel the thrill of conquest as you conquer these lucrative levels. Traverse through the maze of fortune with 1125 paths to victory, where wins flow seamlessly from left to right and right to left. Every twist and turn holds the promise of boundless wealth.

Venture deep into the labyrinth to uncover the Ultra Link&Win feature, an unparalleled adventure within the game. Unlock additional rows and symbols by collecting keys, and unveil chests brimming with colossal payouts. The Minotaur may even show up on the reels collecting all the symbols again. And sometimes he sticks around to do it every spin!

For those who cannot resist the allure of instant gratification, indulge in the Feature Buy option. Choose from three distinct paths: embark on the original quest, enhance your journey with a guaranteed persistent collect symbol, or embrace the thrill of the unknown with the random option.

Prepare yourself for an immersive experience that transcends time and space. Join forces with the Minotaur and seize your destiny amidst the Ancient Fortunes that await. The labyrinth beckons—are you ready to conquer it?

Game Features

  • Ultra Link and Win
  • Rising Rewards Must-Hit-By jackpots
  • Feature Buy
  • Wild Wins

Game Info

  • Reels: 3-5-5-5-3
  • Win Lines: 1125 Bi Directional Ways
  • RTP: 96.02%
  • Languages: 26
  • Volatility: High



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