Assassin Moon

Introducing a new HyperHold™ brand of games based on a very popular land based mechanic. Here comes Luna with her Monte Carlo adventure. “If Looks Could Kill,” is true in this fun, quirky theme with our assassin, looking for her next victim in the full moon setting in a private villa, presented in the HyperHold™ Bonus. To add to the fun, we have Free Spins… with the motto of, “all roads lead to HyperHold™,” where all symbols come in Jumbo Blocks including HyperHold™ which counts for 9 symbols. Stacked Wilds with our
Assassin is the cherry on top… get a full blackout and get 12,500x your bet.. now, that’s the game everyone wants to play!!
This is a perfect addition to our series of games with static Jackpots, player will know what is at stake right away and how to get them… just shoot for the moon.